The Miracle Tree by Austin Highsmith Garces Hardcover Book

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Just before Christmas, 2-year-old Austin walked into the scariest place ever - the hospital. Even her mom and dad were afraid for little Austin. But when her daddy glimpsed a very special tree, he made a promise. Was Austin's miracle because of the doctors and nurses, or was it due to a special miracle that happened because of a promise and a very special tree?


About the Author:

Austin is best known for her role of Phoebe the dolphin trainer in the Alcon Ent./Warner Brothers movies “Dolphin Tale” and “Dolphin Tale 2.” In addition to being an actress, Highsmith Garces is also a screenwriter and producer. “The Miracle Tree” is her first children’s book and it is near and dear to her heart as it is a true story about her own time in the hospital as a kid.

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