Ocean Sole Flip Flop Art - Seahorse Keychain

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Ocean Sole Africa products are made from recycled flip-flops that are collected from the beaches, waterways and landfills in Kenya. These products are hand carved by Kenya artisans and all unique therefore will differ in color seen in the picture.



  • Dimensions - L 3.5", W 1"
  • Flip Flops Used: 1 piece


We are a social enterprise, that upcycles washed up flip-flops found along the beaches and waterways in Kenya. Inspired by the toys children were making out of the flip-flop debris, Julie Church, the Ocean Sole Founder, encouraged their mothers to collect, wash, and cut the discarded flip-flops into colorful products to sell at local Kenyan Markets as another means of income for their families.

Our social enterprise positively impacts over a 1,000 Kenyans through the collection of flip-flops and direct employment. We provide steady income to nearly 100 low-income Kenyans in our company. We recycled over half a million flip-flops in 2017 and aim to recycle a million this year. We contribute over 10-15% of our revenue to beach cleanups, vocational and educational programs as well as conservation efforts.

We use our social enterprise to pay bonuses to employees, invest in a welfare program that allows a zero return in funds to all employees to help facilitate payments for educating their children, buying land and other means. Our actions must make a difference to the plight of our oceans and our ethos is to give back what we earn to change the lives of many – through employment, education, and meals.

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